Monday, March 15, 2010

First Stab at Copper Video

Here is my first stab at putting together some of the footage from my Copper trip. I don't yet have all the footage, (that's a not so subtle hint Clint) and when I do I'll try to put together something a little more polished but for now it was fun putting a few pics and video clips to music. The first clip is coming down Nacho on the back bowl of Tucker after being dropped off by the Cat, the next clip is going down Union Meadows, and the last clip is coming down Copper Bowl. Enjoy.

P.S. It's over five minutes long and this is blogger so it might take a bit to load. No problem if you're at work with some time to kill, but if you're rushing out the door, might want to save this one for later.
P.P.S. The footage is a bit shaky so if you get seasick easy you also might want to pass.

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